Published on June 13, 2024

Sweet Bonanza 1000 Slot – World’s First 1000x On A Regular Bonus!

Sweet Bonanza 1000

Last night Sweet Bonanza 1000 slots launched and I’m here to tell you – it did NOT disappoint! After going down a thousand dollars, this happened next:


That’s right – I just hit the world’s very first  1000x bonus on a regular bonus on Sweet Bonanza 1000! You can get in on the action and fun but before you do make sure you grab one of my Stake bonuses!

Move Over, Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza 1000 is a brand new slot machine from Pragmatic Play, enhancing the features of the original Sweet Bonanza with higher multipliers and increased potential winnings. Here’s an overview of its key features and gameplay mechanics:

Key Features:

  1. Tumble Mechanic: After a winning combination, the winning symbols disappear, and new symbols fall into place, potentially creating additional wins. This process repeats until no new winning combinations are formed.
  2. Free Spins: Triggered by landing 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols, which are depicted as candy canes, awarding 10 free spins and payouts of 3x, 5x, or 100x your bet, respectively. During free spins, multiplier symbols can appear with values ranging from 2x to 1000x, significantly boosting potential wins.
  3. Multiplier Symbols: These multicolored bomb symbols appear during the free spins and can have values up to 1000x. The multipliers are accumulated and applied to the total win of the tumbling sequence.
  4. Feature Buy Options: Players can purchase the free spins feature for 100x the bet, or opt for the super free spins feature for 500x the bet, which guarantees a minimum multiplier of 20x.
  5. Ante Bet: This optional feature increases the bet by 25% and doubles the chances of triggering the free spins round, with an RTP of 96.50%.

Gameplay and Design:

“Sweet Bonanza 1000” retains the vibrant Candyland theme of its predecessor, featuring a mix of fruits and candies as symbols. The lower-paying symbols include bananas, grapes, watermelons, plums, and apples, while the higher-paying symbols are blue, green, purple, and red candies. The game supports a scatter pays mechanic, where landing 8 or more of the same symbol type anywhere on the reels results in a win.

Potential Payouts:

The maximum win in “Sweet Bonanza 1000” is 25,000x the bet, which is an increase from the original game’s 21,175x. This substantial win potential, combined with the high multipliers available in the free spins feature, makes it an enticing option for players seeking big wins.

Overall, “Sweet Bonanza 1000” offers a familiar yet enhanced experience with its high volatility and potential for massive multipliers, appealing to fans of the original game and those looking for high-risk, high-reward gameplay​.


Wait, What About Sweet Bonanza?

Sweet Bonanza is a popular online slot machine developed by Pragmatic Play. Known for its vibrant, candy-themed graphics and engaging gameplay, it has become a favorite among players. Here are some key features and details about the game:

Theme and Graphics

  • Theme: The game is set in a whimsical world filled with candies, sweets, and fruits.
  • Graphics: It features high-quality, colorful graphics that are visually appealing and contribute to a cheerful atmosphere.

Game Mechanics

  • Layout: Sweet Bonanza has a 6×5 grid layout.
  • Paylines: Unlike traditional slot machines, it uses a cluster pay system, meaning wins are achieved by landing clusters of 8 or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels.
  • Betting Range: The game accommodates a wide range of players with flexible betting options, making it accessible to both casual players and high rollers.

Special Features

  • Tumble Feature: After every winning combination, the Tumble feature is activated, removing winning symbols and allowing new ones to fall into place, potentially creating more wins.
  • Free Spins: Landing four or more Scatter symbols triggers the Free Spins feature, awarding 10 free spins. During this round, landing three or more Scatters can retrigger additional free spins.
  • Multipliers: In the Free Spins round, multiplier symbols can appear, ranging from 2x to 100x, significantly boosting potential payouts.
  • Ante Bet Option: Players can choose to increase their bet by 25% to double their chances of triggering the Free Spins feature.

RTP and Volatility

  • RTP (Return to Player): Sweet Bonanza has an RTP of approximately 96.51%, which is fairly standard for online slots.
  • Volatility: The game is considered high volatility, meaning it offers the potential for large payouts, though wins may be less frequent.

How to Play

  1. Set Your Bet: Adjust your bet size using the plus and minus buttons.
  2. Spin the Reels: Press the spin button to start the game.
  3. Tumbling Reels: Watch for winning clusters and subsequent tumbles for additional chances to win.
  4. Trigger Features: Aim to land Scatter symbols to activate the Free Spins feature for more significant win potential.

Popularity and Availability

  • Availability: Sweet Bonanza is widely available at many online casinos that feature Pragmatic Play games.
  • Popularity: Its engaging mechanics, appealing theme, and potential for large wins have made it a popular choice among slot enthusiasts.

Overall, Sweet Bonanza offers an exciting and entertaining gaming experience with plenty of opportunities for big wins, making it a standout choice in the online slot machine market.



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